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12U Team - Luna


Alyssa Todd

Cassidy Luna

Catie Schneider

Joella Hogancamp

Lilly Peto

Lily Sasaki 

Lily Sung

Madison Raulf

Olivia Werden

Riley Duguay

Victoria Poppert


Matt Luna (Manager)

Jeff Sasaki

Andy Sung

Mike Todd

Rob Poppert


D'arcy Kellemen (hitting and fielding)

Kaylee Wise (pitching)

Meg McDonald (catching)


2021-2022 Season (12U)


Fall 2021 Schedule

USABL Fall Softball 

Monroe Monster Brawl Tournament

Spring 2022 Schedule


2020-2021 Season (10U)


Fall 2020 Schedule

USABL Fall Softball (1st place)

Woodbridge Fall Harvest Friendly (2nd place)

Monroe Monster Brawl Tournament (1st place)

Spring 2021 Schedule

2021 Trouble In The Bubble

NJ Heat's Spring Fling I & II

USSSA 2021 Keep Calm and Play Softball

USSSA Think Autism Think Cure

USSSA 2021 Home Runs For Our Troops

USSSA 2021 May Madness

USSSA Witches 12th Annual Best of the West

USSSA 2021 New Jersey State Championship (2nd place)

Various other local, regional, USSSA and/or USA Softball 10U tournaments. 

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