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Rampage Player Code of Conduct

One of the organization’s goals is to help its girls grow to become positive role models and good citizens. Our code of conduct will apply to all levels of the organization.



Rampage act with good sportsmanship at all times, win or lose.

Rampage recognize the game is for her and her teammates, not for their parents, family members and/or friends.


Rampage know that winning is a result of practice, execution, and teamwork.


Rampage realize that she represents the entire Rampage organization, her family, her team, and friends when she wears the uniform.



Rampage treat teammates, opponents, coaches, umpires, and fans with respect.


Rampage will do her best to be on time for practices, games and team activities. She realizes that being late affects her teammates and coaches, and that her playing time may be reduced by repeated lateness or absences.


Rampage know that communicating with her coaches is important; she should ask as many questions as she needs to, if she needs guidance, but she will not badger her coaches about playing time and/or positions.


Rampage understand the best way to be assigned her preferred position or position in batting order is by working hard to improve her performance through practice and commitment. She accepts the decisions of the coaches, and expects no more than 6 fielding outs/1  at bat during Day 1 games.  During elimination games, coaches will determine best positioning.


Rampage will cheer for her teammates but never cheer against an opponent or umpire.


Rampage will never criticize her own teammates and coaches, opposing team and coaches, fans, umpires by word or gesture.


Playing the Game

Rampage play hard, but never tries to hurt or injure, interfere with, or bully any other player.


Rampage learn and follow the rules of softball.


Rampage take care of their equipment and lets her parents and coaches know when her equipment needs repair. She never throws her equipment (glove, helmet, bat, etc.) in frustration or anger.


Rampage will immediately make coaches, other players, officials aware of any unsafe equipment, field conditions, unsportsmanlike conduct by teammates, parents, spectators, or the opposing team (abusive language, illegal slides/contact, intimidation, threats, bullying).

Rampage Parent Code of Conduct

I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all of the participants, coaches and officials.

I will keep winning in perspective; the win/loss record is not the most important factor of softball.

I will review the Player Code of Conduct myself, and with my player and expect her to abide by it.

I will let the coaches coach and players play. I understand my role at events (games, practices, etc.) is strictly limited to cheering and supporting/encouraging unless asked directly by the coach for assistance.

I will address concerns with the coach privately and respectfully.  I will wait at least 24 hrs. before contacting a coach regarding a concern related to playing time or playing positions/batting order.

I will strive to be a good role model for my player and others. I will encourage my player to learn to lose with dignity and win with grace.

I will assure that my player is on time for team events (practices, games, etc.) and I will communicate in advance with the coach complications that may interfere with it.  I understand that being late/absent impacts the entire team and coaches. I also understand that playing time may be limited and/or batting order may be adjusted due to repeated lateness/absences.

I recognize the importance of volunteer and paid coaches/trainers and will support their decisions.  All coaches and trainers should be treated with respect.

If I have a concern (or complaint) with respect to a coach or the program, I will discretely and respectfully first address it with the coach.  If that does not resolve the issue, then I will address it with the president of the Rampage organization.  All conversations regarding complaints or concerns will occur in a location where any player or other parent will be unable to hear us.


Violations of the code will be addressed at the discretion of the Rampage board, who may take actions it deems appropriate in the circumstances, which in severe cases, may lead to expulsion from the program.

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