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Robbinsville Rampage 10U wins Monroe Monster Brawl Tournament

The Rampage 10U Team took 1st place in the 2020 Monroe Monster Brawl Tournament after an exhausting 11 hour 4-game day of softball! The girls stopped their competition with our 3 pitchers teaming up to throw two no hitters in a row to start the day. Their third game ended in a shutout as well.

The Championship game against the NJ Ruthless 10U was a tough fight as both teams weren’t able to advance a runner across home plate in 6 innings. The 7th inning began with International Tie-breaker rules in place. Finally, in the bottom of the 7th with 2 outs, Lilly P steps up to the plate with Eva B on third. The count is 1-1. Lilly hits a single allowing Eva to score and ends the game clinching the Tournament Title!! A top top to bottom team effort! An amazing way to finish the day! Great job Rampage!!

A big shout out to the costume-make parents Stacey, Gina, and Amanda for the t-shirts and headbands that turned our girls into Apps like Among Us, Google Class Room, and Tiktok.

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